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What is RestorFx?
Revolutionary Breakthrough Technology

RestorFX is a Paint Refinishing System; a proprietary formula and process that is hand applied by professionals to permanently remove scratches, swirls, scuffs, oxidation, and weathering to automotive paint. Guaranteed.

It is a permanent refinishing and unlike temporary 'masks' (waxes or polishes) - it never washes off. RestorFX is also guaranteed (or money back) to never flake, peel, crack or delaminate.

RestorFX instantly adds value when you are selling your vehicle. By refinishing the vehicles paint, luminosity is back to showroom new shine and OEM

RestorFX is applied by hand thus, dramatically reducing labor cost and turn-a-round time.

Permanently removes deeper scratches and does not leave swirls which creates a far superior finish.

It does not contain silicone. Silicone creates problems when repainting.

Adds an additional coat to the existing clear coat, as opposed to cutting and thinning out the existing clear coat.

Adds extra UV protection. The vehicle stays newer looking for longer.

Shines brighter than any wax and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle.

Unlike a polish, RestorFX never washes off.

RestorFX will take far less time than repainting a vehicle, will cost a fraction of the price, with the same beautiful finish.

No overspray therefore RestorFX is better for the environment.